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Scorpio - Zodiac Archival Print

Scorpio - Zodiac Archival Print

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Introducing the breathtaking Scorpio print from Sona Babajanyan's incredible Zodiac series. Sona's unparalleled talent for interpreting the Zodiac signs is highlighted in this captivating piece, which presents a unique and mesmerizing interpretation of the traditional Scorpio symbol.

In this print, Scorpio is depicted as a powerful and intense force, embodying the mysterious and transformative nature of this water sign. Sona's signature style brings the passionate and magnetic spirit of Scorpio to life, with characteristic colors of the sign that convey the depth and intensity of this star sign.

But this is not your ordinary Zodiac print - Sona's exceptional vision is evident in every aspect of this artwork. Her unique take and extensive research on the sign lend the piece a sense of depth and complexity.

This is a print that will captivate and inspire you with its beauty and originality. Whether you are a Scorpio yourself or simply appreciate the artistry of this stunning piece, you will be mesmerized by the allure of Sona Babajanyan's Zodiac series. So act now - add this Scorpio print to your collection today and experience the magic of Sona's art for yourself.


This Scorpio print is of archival quality. These are special fine-art prints that are made using archival materials, such as acid-free paper and pigment-based inks, which are designed to resist fading and deterioration. They are also printed using methods that ensure the highest level of color accuracy and detail, such as high-resolution printing and color management techniques.


  • PaperIlford Galerie Gold Fibre Gloss, made from 100% cotton
  • Paper size: A4
  • Paper thickness: 310 gsm
  • Surface texture: Semi-Gloss
  • Border: 1.5 cm border for framing
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Yes! Shipping within Australia, Canada, and the United States is free. Items ship the same or the next business day with an expected delivery time of 3-8 business days in Australia and 6-27 days for Canada & US.

What is the size of the print?

The prints are printed on an A4-sized paper. They also have a 1.5cm border for framing purposes. You can either use an A4 or larger frame size. Frame is not included with the purchase.

How should I care for the prints?

If the print gathers any dust, you may wipe it off gently with a clean, dry cloth.

How should I hang these prints?

Prints can be hung with double-sided tape, tacks, or be framed.