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Mostroland x Sona Babajanyan

The Zodiac collection by Sona Babajanyan is a true masterpiece of artistry and imagination, and we are thrilled to announce that it is now exclusively available on the Mostroland store. This series is a stunning representation of the twelve Zodiac signs, each depicted in Sona's unique and captivating style.

Sona's approach to the Zodiac is nothing short of revolutionary. Her use of bold colors, intricate textures, and striking visual imagery breathes new life into each and every star sign. Each piece is a masterful blend of art and astrology, offering a fresh perspective on the traditional Zodiac symbols that we all know and love.

And now, with the exclusive availability of the Zodiac collection on the Mostroland store, you can bring home your own piece of Sona Babajanyan's extraordinary work. With unparalleled quality and exceptional customer service, Mostroland is the perfect place to find and purchase your own Zodiac print. Don't miss this opportunity to add a touch of magic and wonder to your home or office - explore the Zodiac collection today and experience the brilliance of Sona Babajanyan's art for yourself.

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