Unique Zodiac Art Prints by Sona

In the vivid tapestry of the Australian artscape, Sona has painted her presence as an accomplished illustrator, crafting some of the most cherished children's tales. Her magical touch on "Good Night Possum" has lingered in our hearts, making bedtime stories a nightly ritual to await. Yet, as every artist's journey is ever-evolving, Sona has embarked on a new celestial quest, taking her beyond the world of possums and into the realm of zodiac signs.

Today, Sona's followers are in for a stellar treat. Mostroland announces the exclusive release of her 'Zodiac Art Prints Collection'. From Aries to Pisces, the stars have aligned on canvas, reflecting a harmonious blend of wit, whimsy, and wisdom.

As a Libra herself, the inception of this series was borne out of a personal connection. Her initial artwork, an 'astrological self-portrait', portrayed the essence of the Libra sign, not necessarily in physical likeness but more through an emotional and psychological lens. The playful depiction features two impish creatures attempting to tip the scales of balance atop her head. For Sona, this piece wasn't just about the visual appeal; it was a reflection of her inner self, the dual forces that often wrestle for equilibrium in her life.

It wasn't long before the portrait resonated with many, garnering praise for its quirkiness, insightfulness, and sheer relatability. The response was overwhelming, and as is characteristic of Sona, she listened to her audience. Recognizing the universal appeal of astrological symbols and their profound influence on our lives, she embarked on portraying all twelve zodiacs. These aren't just star signs; they are, in Sona's unique style, 'astrological/psychological archetypes'.

Each piece, while rooted in the traditional symbols associated with the zodiac, carries Sona's distinctive touch. They are intimate depictions of the varied facets of human nature, painted with a blend of humor and deep introspection.

Whether you're a fierce Leo, an introspective Scorpio, or a dreamy Piscean, there's a piece in this collection that might just speak to your soul. Dive into the universe of Sona's zodiac interpretations, exclusively available on Mostroland. If ever there was a time to let the stars guide your art collection, it's now.

Note: While Sona's series is sure to be a collector's gem, make sure to grab your piece soon. Constellations this captivating are bound to disappear into the vast space of art aficionados' collections.

Zodiac Collection